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General Information and How You Can Best Utilize Our Services

Overview: Dallas Concierge is a full service concierge. We just aren’t located in your lobby.

How to contact: Dallas Concierge is available via email (doris@ or toll free telephone (877-222-3307) Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Services offered: Check our newsletter or go to our blog to keep updated on services and tickets available to you. If you do not see something listed, it does not mean we cannot help you.  Don’t see it…call us!

The monthly newsletter: We publish a monthly newsletter that is delivered to your building. This newsletter is also placed on our website at the first of each month.

Cost:  You just pay the cost of the tickets. Your property manager is providing this service to you as a special amenity for being a tenant. If you are not located in a building that has our service we do have individual memberships available to you. Call or email for information 877-222-3307

Discounts: All discounts that we are able to negotiate are passed along directly to you.

Service Charges: We have negotiated to pay little or no service charges. For example, if you ordered through Ticketmaster, you pay a service charge. Order through us and there might be a reduced service charge or no service charge at all.

Payments: We accept  credit cards. If you use a credit card for certain tickets we have on hand in our office (i.e. movie tickets, Perot Museum or Arboretum) there might be  a 2 or 3.5% fee and a $15.00 minimum order. We will tell you this when you place your order.

Credit cards: If your credit card is needed we like to get the information from you on the phone or via fax. Also, we do not keep your credit card information on file.

Questions: Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about what is going on in DFW. Let us know how we can serve you better. Just call 877-222-3307 or email

Last Minute Specials: After the newsletter is published we often get some last minute specials. Please check our blog for these events and follow us on Twitter @dallasconcierge.

How To Place Your Order

Buying tickets to local entertainment/tourist attractions (i.e Six Flags, Zoo, Movie Tickets, etc…):

We have discount links for most of the entertainment/tourist attractions in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Tickets are e-tickets you will receive in your email.

Tickets for Cinemark, Arboretum and Perot Museum are paper tickets will have in our office (no links) To order just call us with your contact information and let us know how you want to pay.

Tickets that we have on hand are delivered on Friday. Please place your order by 2:00 PM Thursday to receive your tickets the next day at your office between 9 AM and 4 PM.

If you are paying by check (recommended) or cash please have your payment envelope readily available (leaving it with your receptionist is great) and our driver will pick up your payment when he delivers your tickets. *For tenants in our contracted buildings only*  Individual Members: Tickets will be mailed to you direct.*

 Tickets for Concerts, Stage Shows, Sporting Events, Children’s Theatre, etc..

 Contact us with the name and date of the event. At some of the venues (i.e. sporting events) we can get you specific seat locations before you place your order. At other venues (i.e. Stage Shows) we are only able to get you the section location and the venue will get you the best available in that particular section.

We will need your credit card information to place your order. The venue will charge your card directly. Tickets are usually sent to our office and we deliver them to you. However, if there is not enough time tickets can be held at Will Call. Please be ready to present your ID and the credit card that was charged when you pick up Will Call tickets.


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